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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 19, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it has a moment in history that's been a long time coming as the niners break ground on their historic play. >> it's the beginning of the end of an era. officials break ground giving up on their name sake name.
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today's celebration was be fitting a billion dollars celebration. >> reporter: as you can see they're breaking ground. the highlight of the evening was the shovels and ground ceremony. members of the santa claracity council duduinto the spot that will be the 50-yard line built in california in over a century. 50 years in the making, the niners hope that in a year passed they will play in a new stadium. >> when you see somebody and you think it hasn't hit me yet. >> reporter: york says he wants
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a stadium that will give fans a new place to watch baseball. >> i'm proud to be here today. >> reporter: history made by santa clara working a deal and luring a storied football team out of san francisco. >> reporter: this is a celebration that brings the community 5-1/2 years of dreaming. if all goes in planned, the 4- 9ders have only two seasons left in candle the tick park. >> what do you say to the people of san francisco? >> i realize this is a bittersweet day for a lot of people. but we're trying to make sure that the san francisco 49ers have a great celebration. and we're going to be the san francisco 49ers forever. >> reporter: the 49ers are already talking about hosting a
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super bowl here. live in santa clara, lloyd lacuesta. more details now on the new staid july and how it stacks with the stick. 1,400 fewer seat than candle stick. the santa clara stadium has 1,400 spots. now the price tag on the santa kha a facility is a little more than $12 billion. compare that to what it cost to build candle stick. so where does the new santa clara stadium rank? the new dallas stadium cost 1.3 billion to build.
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it can seat more than 100,000 fans. so what happens to san francisco when the 49 -rs depart. - - 49ers part. new information on a person that killed a father and daughter. eric rasmussen is live at the scene of the crash. >> this is a log that all police respond to. it shows officers sighted a juvenile for weapons and drug. the plate a match for the escalade that crashed right here a week later in the spot
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where people are remembered and honoring the victim tonight. >> reporter: pierce clearly remembers the night when police stopped a white suv in walnut creek. >> saw the police, saw a white suv. it had a dog in the suv snitching around. then the police spent quite a while going through the suv themselves. >> reporter: police say a week later the vehicle was speeding hitting a father and two daughters riding their spot. officers arrested the 17-year- old driver and now police confirm the lay sense plate of the team aos he -- plate of the team's is a match. >> did you know anything about the crash in walnut creek. >> reporter: the boy's did not want to talk to us outside the
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court. a friend of the victim says this information makes the troubling more responsible. >> who takes responsibility for that. who's going to make the call and say this could not have happened. >> reporter: charges v not yet before fired and yet ou here live where -- out here where people are still gathered at this memorial. this he phor corral may take 43 weeks -- this memorial may take more than three weeks to investigation. the accident happened yesterday, someone drove up and fired at smith sáefl times. smith was a stay -t at home dad
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turning his life around. >> he killed him with a gun. you could have killed a baby. smith's mother is now calling on any -ps witnesses to please come forward. 49-year-old barton williams is behind bars suspected of killing his wof. she died at the hospital the following dare. the couple was homeless. police say witness statementings and evidence led them to williams. friend of the crew on a sailboat core were organizer a flotilla. the memorial calls for bagpipes, awreath laying and the tolling of bells. all bay area boat oers enare
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expected to take part. ktvu's amber lee is live in the newsroom and she spoke to an analyst believes mirkarimi is will notable fine without -- mirkarimi looked uppity even though a spear your court judge denied a motion to disqualify the sheriff. quote all of the petitioner must be answered. the judge also ruled that mirkarimi is not allowed to be
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paid without suspension. >> it's a very tough fight for him. >> the epic commission held the first hearing for monday afternoon. it's how long to tell how long it'll take to approve the mood. >> the final decision is not a public decision, it's a private one. >> it's one of the main reasons why we're working so hard. >> reporter: despite the judge's tentative rule, a court hearing is set forth for torte morning. the áf -- mirkarimi's supplies will reinstate him but fail to go to the miles.
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in contra costa county. the california public utility says, zaire separately fining $3 million for failing to comply. a federal -- the russ el city energy center is being built by caltrain about a mile and a half to. the permit was ensreurpltly injured. the epa ignores a political lieu about the because of an energy -- there's no word when the ninth circuit court of appeals will issue its decision. the board is expect to okay
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the p-rb tonight after hear -- okay tonight after hearing from residents. this approved this would be the sixth year in a row that marine cower the. >> derek: need some players tonight. today was a big day for the company swank. due too extreme volatility, nasdaq had to halt closed at $48.45. a gain of 108%. on wall street stocks fell from ebay and bank of america. the that is tag develop 48
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points and june the staff develop 48 points. they thought she was a teenage run away, now searchers are scouring a cemetery and a park. what is with this effort into superdrive. if you liked the weather today you may really like it tomorrow. bill martin has the friday's forecast in eight minutes. >> she just kept biting her. >> he's talking about what happened to his girlfriend and wait till you happens how this all started. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] instead, try the new subway smokehouse barbecue chicken, big bbq taste 6 grams of fat. subway. eat fresh. authorities in sonoma county searched a cemetery for a missing 15-year-old girl. debra villalon is live where police are learning crews about the girl's laptop. >> reporter: police want to find marinari before she harms herself or someone else does. searchers spanned out across this cemetery using flashlights as the sunlight faded.
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>> no one has heard from her. not her father and mother he or friends. >> reporter: she told her dad she was going on a bike ride but did not return. >> she took a backpack which was full of unknown objects. she took her computer. she did at one point had a phone and she had a eucalale on her. >> reporter: detectives saw she looked up direction to spring lake park. some 7 miles from her home near coding park mall. with the cemetery about half way in between. >> finding more information on those searches has led us to believe we should increase our efforts to find her. >> reporter: search and rescue teams began canvassing the park. she was depressed, maybe suicidal. those who use the park regularly and parks employees coming out as volunteers are
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doing what they can to help the search. >> asking everyone, mountain bikers, hikers equestrians, keep your eyes open for this young girl. >> reporter: keeping eyes open, the search continues. investigators now really want to hear from someone who may have seen her on her bike last weekend. we're live in santa rosa, debra villalon. someone has played a cruel hoax on the family of missing sierra lamar. the teenager's twitter account was hacked and a message was posted on it. santa clara sheriff
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investigators returned to the clavaro reservoir. calaro is just one of several bodies of water that are being searched in and around morgan hill. crews will be scourering areas. they're going to be focusing on hills and rough terrain. a family friend said the exact plans will be finalized tomorrow. a new study finds the cost for health care in prisons soaring. california now spends $60,000 a year per inmate. the report comes two weeks before the federal judge will decide whether the state can
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resume control. new details are merging tonight about a suicide. kim conover has requested an energy protective order but the judge found no evidence she was in immediate danger. a police report shows she had lodged five domestic violence complaints over the past year. two top executives are facing felony charges for siphoning off $100 million of employee retirement money. charges have been announced for sosa mendiola and trent.
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>> it gives us some sort of relief that the leaders will be accountable now for what they did. >> reporter: sosa mendiola's attorney says her client was just trying to keep the nonprofit going. tam, has not turned himself in. we all know how tough it is to find a parking spot. but one battle ended upturning violent. sal castaneda tells us one of the drivers ended up being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and that weapon was her teeth. tonight the victim showed me some of her injuries. who women began arguing when one driver asked another to move her car. the two women began pushing and shoving, then one began biting the other repeatedly. the victim who didn't want to be identified says she was
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stunned. >> i don't know why would she bite me? i don't understand why anybody would buy someone, unless you were hungry. >> reporter: the victim's boyfriend council says he tried to step in to separate the two women during the attack. >> she was just like, aarr. she just kept biting her. my girlfriend was so upset she was just like, help, help. >> reporter: when police arrived they arrested garrian. >> she was booked on assault with a deadly weapon. >> reporter: her teeth. >> correct. >> reporter: police say it's not unusual for people to get in a fight over a parking spot but say this is a first, even for them. all right it was pretty warm today. it's going to be warm again
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tomorrow. almost hot in some places. how to we know? at this point in time it was 66 degrees in livermore. it's 65 in concord. these were the highs from today. i'll step out of the way here. temperatures tomorrow are coming up 10 degrees on some of these. five to 10 degrees so we could see upper 80s. maybe a low 90 tomorrow and much warmer day. probably the warmest day of the season. the computer model, this is actually the isotherm. the oranges represent 80s. lots of 80s, lots of upper 70s. when we come back we will take a look at your weekend.
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that's the song the wait by the group known simply as "the band." leon played the drums. the band broke up after their last concert at the philmore. but leon had a long career. he died of throat cancer in new york city. playing hooky goes high take. the bay area newspaper that could be changing owners. ♪
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[ man ] when i went to get my first new car, my dad said to get a subaru because they last. ♪ he drives a legacy, but i'm nothing like him. i got the new impreza. maybe i should have picked a different color... [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza. experience love that lasts. ♪ as many as 50 students at berkeley high school are in trouble accused of coming up with a high tech way to cover their absences from school. ktvu's jade hernandez tells us how it was done and how they
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were finally caught. >> reporter: playing hooky isn't a new violation, but some berkeley students came up with a new spin on how they didn't get caught. >> it makes it look like it's a new and emerging problem. >> reporter: pasqual spadery says that it's not with the -- it was in this office staff discovered the student cover up in late december. >> we just happened to notice that something was weird. then we started looking into it more and more. as we teased it out. strings started leading to other strings. >> how could you even just get the codes to do that? >> i don't know how they did it? like how did you hack into the school. it was shocking to me. >> reporter: investigators say it was more stealing than hacking with pass codes used today gain access to student
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access. two teens face expulsion. 32 students have been suspended from three to five days. >> you know there has been a big crack down and it's hard to excuse your absences these days. >> reporter: past absences have cost the school up to $150,000 a month. word has now gotten around playing hooky comes at a high price for students too. the students will be implicated. the 20 or so who haven't been suspended or expelled will face other punishments. six teenagers are in the hospital after the honda civic they were riding in slammed into a tree in napa valley. shortly after a curb she lost control and slammed into a tree around 9:00 last night. the highway patrol says three boys suffered major injuries
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were not we aring seat belts. the 15-year-old girl behind the wheel was too young to be driving other teens even if she did have a permit. she was wearing a seat belt and was not hurt. a deal may be iminnocent im -- imminent for the sale of a newspaper. they are optimistic about a deal. the bay guardian first published in 1966 and has been a voice for progressive politics in the bay area. demonstrators gathered to protest the academy of sciences. >> members of the jobs with justice coalition say they wanted to ask some of the folks inside about labor practices at wal-mart and hyatt hotel.
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one of the protesters is a member of someone who works at the hyatt. >> there's been a los of abuses at the hyatt. they are not unionized, they don't have a voice. it's a betrayal of san francisco. the financial hit the city of san francisco could take as the 49ers get ready to head south. and a follow up to a story we first brought you last night about some malnourished horses. what we've learned about those horses and where they are tonight. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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well the south bay is celebrating the ground breaking of a new 49er stadium tonight. the city of san francisco is feeling a loss. ktvu's rob roth tells us what san francisco will lose when the niners head south.
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>> reporter: breaking ground in santa clara is breaking hearts in san francisco. >> it's a betrayal of san francisco. >> reporter: carlolson is such a big niners fan the last four numbers of his office number are 4949. he doesn't plan to buy any tickets when the team moves to santa clara. >> to me the money is not an issue, it's the fact they're moving away from san francisco. >> reporter: when the team leaves candle stick park, san francisco will see millions of the dollars of loss revenue go with it. money came mostly from rent and parking fees that helps keep parks and programs running. >> we are starting the planning now working with the city
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family to figure out how to maintain rec and services to the public. >> a lot of sandwiches, a lot of soup, everything. ice. you can't keep ice in that place. looks like i'm going to be a surplus of the stuff now, right. >> very soon, sundays will have a new face. in 1946 at golden state park was the first game. the new stadium is expected to be ready for opening day in 2014. the 49ers aren't the only game in town tonight. the san jose sharks face a
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critical game four. we'll see if they can even out their play off score later in sports. the measure was in in -- inspired by a controversial action. the proposed law would require a government agassi to require a court order before shutting down cell phone service in public areas. the survey from research firm data quick says prices held steady as more than 37,000 new and existing homes and condo s sold. more than half of the sales eug
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yours were for less of what the average home sold. today mark the anniversary of a the the the -- some of those attending today's ceremony were on board the iowa and say they will never forget. now to the race for the white house and a speculation that a potential running mate for romney dropped a big hint. marco rubio today said he would rather stay in the senate, then
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referred to himself as a vice president. a ranking republican lawmaker today said more members of the secret service are expected to resign possibly tomorrow in the wake of the latest scandal involving the agency. so far the uproar over agents and prostitutes in colombia has cost three service members their jobs. eight agents are on suspensions. 11 agents and 10 personnel are accused of bringing prostitutes to a hotel in the city of cartajena. four horses that appear be
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malnourished were seizedded today. >> reporter: this horse now joins three ohs. duct tape on one foot, protruding bone, missing skin, ripples of skin, pretty much skin and bones. >> at least 100-pound under weight. >> reporter: this department happen overnight. >> no this happened over six months. >> reporter: officers say the owner may now face criminal neglect charges. >> the bottom line is if you have an animal in this condition you are responsible. and we hold you accountable for it. >> reporter: a horse woman sent these photos toen animal services three weeks ago,
10:37 pm
saying it was an emergency. it took our video of the horses, a call to a county supervisor and to the animal services director before an officer actually saw these horses yesterday. >> it should have been apparent by looking at the photos that this was an emergency situation. >> reporter: officers say they'll continue to monitor the five other horses still on the property to make sure they don't epd up like the horses -- don't end up like the horses here. rita williams. everything must go. the big auction happening tomorrow and saturday that includes thousands of bottles of wine and art work, and that's not all. back here in 10 minutes, it's really going to warm up for your friday and your weekend. also what's in the seafood two years after the tkáefr stating gulf spill. researchers reveal what they've discovered. @
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made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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new information tonight is a story we first told you about. a report of a house fire has led to the arrest of a man on marijuana charges. the fire broke out at about 5:00 last night in a detached garage in a home on warwick avenue. authorities say they found evidence of marijuana growing and arrested 37-year-old edward davis on charges of cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale. in news of the world tonight, in india -- the government launched a power -f new rocket capable of carrying a war head. it has a range of 3,000 miles so it could reach cities in
10:41 pm
china. india is considered a responsible nuclear power so there's not the outrage so there's not the outrage. a cloud blanketed iraq. some iraqi entrepreneurs saw an opportunity and saw masks out on the street. ash is falling on farmland near the volcano which is southeast of mexico city. bargain hunters plan to head to napa as wine antiques and wine gear are going to be
10:42 pm
auctioned. it was founded by robert mondavi but never took off. on saturday more than 4,000 bottles of wine, tiffany dinner ware will be auctioned. and we'll have gavin's new show and why it's unique. and how high temperatures will be going this weekend.
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nasa aims is showcasing it's latest building as the wave of the future.
10:45 pm
the building is called sustainability based and it generates more power than it uses it also uses less water than other buildings its size. it costs 25 hello tkhars and came in under budget. the formal dedication is set for tomorrow. we caught up with lieutenant governor gavin newsom at nasa aims and asked him about his current project. he says h he'll be able to offer a new perspective other lawmakers have. >> i'm an elected official not an exelected official hosting a show. >> reporter: newsom say he already met a potential guest, nasa architect.
10:46 pm
a new report shows marine life in the gulf is still suffering. david stevenson explains what kinds of toxins were found in the seafood there. researchers at the academy of science says it's taken two full years to find how the oil spill has hurt marine life. dr.peter showed us how the oil affected oysters. >> when we look at oils collected in august of 2010 so after the animals have sat in spill their elevate levels of particularly metals. >> reporter: 90% show tissue reorganization. >> what happened is they are now layering on each other. an animal with this type of
10:47 pm
gill the it shall shoe is is going to be a handicap. >> reporter: a sponsor by bp has tried to reassure people that the seafood is safe to eat. dr.narin says much more research is needed. >> how safe it is to the public is difficult to say right now but it is of concern. >> reporter: and many coast the restaurants say it's not a concern for them because most of their fish is brought in from other areas. it's in the 60s in some places, let's go outside and
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check out the concord area. 66degrees in san francisco but pretty mild. these were the highs from today as we mentioned. highs tomorrow are going to be warming but quite a few degrees. highs tomorrow will go into the upper 80s in some places maybe even a couple of 90s. tomorrow will be the warmest day of them all and then we increase that for. clearly it's going to be dry, it's going to be warm. it's going to be mild with temperatures mostly in the upper 50s. the jet stream is well to the knot of us and that's always a good indication that things are changing around. the high pressure is accomplishing itself over the rest of us. you will see coastal fog trying to form as we head into the overnight hours. you see sol fog at # a.m. i suspect that will be the case like this morning.
10:49 pm
then it looks like it'll burn pretty rapidly. that would be the high pressure digging in and doing away with that fog bank. because the fog bank is not really accomplished yet. you just saw there the models say it's not going to be hard to bust it up. i expect we will see sol patchy fog. some clearing along the khroets by noon. so as your forecast then goes, increasing temptures. not just tomorrow but into saturday as well. high pressure settles in and the temperatures start to soar. maybe some low 90s tomorrow. most likely on saturday we will see some of those upper 90s show up. most of us will be in the mid- 80s. our first brush with real heat we talked about it at 5:00 and 6:00. the tree pollen is trending high. that's something you will want
10:50 pm
to pay attention this weekend because the warmth really bright it out. probably one of the prettiest days we've had all year: because the traoeps are blooming but that has an inpact on folks. and it's -- >> that's a good living five day forecast. >> you could feel it today. the warmth was up there. >> i think tomorrow we will come to work and you will say, it's april. our camera caught some of the i think singers early this morning. the show also let people register yesterday. the auditions themselves begin tomorrow. and if you want to be an armchair judge, log ob to ktvu
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doll, we have post-pl some of our video -- log on to, we have posted some of our video. the mama bear had the cub three months ago. plans are now on the way to relocate the bears and sale the that little path way to keep them from coming back.
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baseball commissioner bud selig said today that the oakland a's need a new stadium to be able to compete. the, a's would like to build a new ballpark in san jose but the giants have territory corral rights there. when asked about that today -- territorial rights there. mark is off tonight, fred is in and he's here to tell us about the sharks. >> yeah, well when a team beats you seven out of eight times that's no longer a fluke. sharks just went from desperate to must win tonight and die-
10:55 pm
hard shark fans admitted. neil young urging the sharks to not let it bring you down. for the third straight game, st. louis scores three. number 26 tom beam off the bench. off the pefrpblg and prow. warehouse's te fence is too good. 1-0 in the inning. watch abty mcdonald swat it in. /sharks phapg to make it -- the blues win 2-1. they can finish off the series saturday in st. louis. >> we're not going to give up that's for sure. and you know we've been playing all year. we're fighting and we'll fight till the end here. the la angels spent big bucks this winter to get pujols
10:56 pm
and formers ranger pitcher c.j. wilson. but angels are scuffling right now. suddenly bob melvin and the athletics are back to 500 for the season. they jump on that pitcher c.j. wilson. lines to left and it's time for smith to giddy up. oakland had just five hits but. cj williams forgets his fundamentals. the worse kept secret in the world has gone viral today. the colts will take andrew
10:57 pm
luck. should become an instant starter for the colts. now luck threw a stanford record 35 tuck do you -- 35 touchdowns. don't text while playing full prize for floor seats. hopefully he wasn't texting his wife with that lovely lady next to him there. that's sports as we see it this thursday night. sharks, they head to st. louis looking for a one win at least. >> i'm still laughing about the guy with the basketball. >> that has to be a couple thousand dollars to get that
10:58 pm
seat and what is he doing? >> he was busy working the phone. probably texting the score, thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> the morning news will be here, they'll be following mirkarimi's next court date. we're always here for you on and mobile can, the, vu. -- mobile ktvu.
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